Monday, March 24, 2014

Season 27 - Top 15 Draft Review

With the Season 31 draft upon us, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a previous draft. We are four years removed from the Season 27 Amatuer Draft.  Lets take a look at the first round and see where the picks are today
  1. Yorrick Fox -  The number one overall pick has already began to make his mark in the league.  At 22 years old, Fox has hit 77 home runs in his first two big league seasons and is showing no sign of slowing down.  Sitting at a rating of 82 overall the right fielder is able to crush right handed pitching, making him a legitimate force for years to come.
  2. Danny Heving - One of the older players in the draft, Heving has developed into a solid number one starting pitcher.  He won Rookie of the Year in season 30 along with an All Star appearance.  With an overall rating of 81 and all around solid attributes, he should continue to add to his trophy case in the up coming years.  His workhorse stamina makes him a truly unique starting pitcher.
  3. Travis Frye - Frye is one of the more disappointing  players from the Season 27 draft.  He is still sitting in the minor league with a 73 overall rating, and grades out to a number three or four major league pitcher.  Definitely not what Nashville was looking for with the third overall pick. Though it is worth mentioning that he is still progressing.
  4. Vince Sutton - Another workhorse from the Season 27 draft, Sutton has the makings of a great starting pitcher if not for his low efficiency verse right handed batters.  It is something that will definitely hurt his value as he moves into a major league rotation in the near future.  
  5. Pepper Lombard - Pepper is a solid starter with good efficiency verse righties. This should allow him to gain some match up advantages against teams with a heavy dose of right handed bats in the lineup.   I would expect him to have a career ERA in the low 4.00's and should continue to be a solid contributor to any rotation.
  6. Ajax Hemingway - Hemingway can play shortstop but is probably more suited to be a gold glove caliber third basemen.  He should be a decent bat and I expect last years .266 batting average to climb up into the mid to high .270's.  He is also a very good asset on the base paths as he could steal around 40 bases every year.
  7. Ron Small - Small is another player who is more suited to play third base rather than short, but most of his work will be done with his bat.  The home runs will begin to flow for him soon as he begins his career as a big leaguer.  
  8. Ty Kinney - Ty is the first relief pitcher off of the board and he is a good one.  He has great command and if used correctly, he could pitch around 180 innings every year.   
  9. Bosco Turner - This starting pitcher will struggle to find a permanent starting spot on most big league rosters.   
  10. Barry Rivera - Rivera is a left fielder who should find a niche in the big leagues as fourth outfielder.  He can hit lefties well enough to warrant a spot in the lineup, but is probably not a starting left fielder on any contending team.
  11. Leon Darr - Darr has become a very good pitcher, with a high flyball rate as his only weakness. If he can keep the ball in the park, he will be a great pitcher in years to come.  We will chalk up last years 5.55 ERA to a fluke and look for in to post sub 4.00 ERA's in future years.  
  12. Lew Cressend - At 26 years old, Cressend is a solid starting pitcher with three quality pitches.  He will probably find himself in the median of last year's 8.68 ERA and this year's 2.73 ERA.  Health may also be a concern.
  13. Brent Griffey - Griffey grades out to a solid number four starter.  The only thing holding back his good all around ratings is his 60 stamina.  
  14. Dioner Ortiz - This guy is a straight burner.  If he can get on base, look for him to steal 60 bases per year.  He can play a below average shortstop, though third base is probably his natural position.
  15. Clarence Gray - Gray has performed well so far in his big league debut, though with below average command and efficiency verse right handed batters he his going to have his share of struggles were good right handed lineups.  
Other Notables: 
  • Bryce Buchanan - Very good pitcher, but lacks the stamina and durability to be a starter.
  • Miguel Ayala - Gold Glove shortstop with speed.  Very good player
Steal of the Draft - Leon Darr
Draft Bust - Travis Frye

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome to the Robinson Blog

Hey guys, welcome to the HBD Robinson Blog.  This blog is created to provide extra insight and analysis for our HBD world.  The goal is to provide an in depth look at the players and teams in the league. I am hoping this blog provides some information as well as entertainment value to all of our owners.  Please let me know if you have any ideas for blog topics or if you would like to contribute  an article to the blog.  First topic will be coming soon.  Thanks all!

Tim (taphj)